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We, Marie and Mauricio, were 20 and 22 years old at the time when we founded kohlenstoff 12 with an idea and €300 in start-up capital during our studies and training.
It was 2015 when we had small anchors cut from carbon based on a sketch and combined them with black leather straps. 

Our first product was born, an anchor bracelet. Without a business plan or intention to turn the idea into a real company, we made some bracelets and gave them out to friends and acquaintances. They were unexpectedly well received and demand grew. 

So we built a small online shop and registered our business, we posted photos of our bracelets on Instagram and Facebook and the reach became larger and larger. 

We made and shipped the first orders from my parents' basement, writing each individual address by hand on the shipping bag. 

Our handmade carbon bracelets became more and more popular and after just six months we rented a small office in the neighboring town, ditched our studies and job and put everything on one card. 

In the following years we reinvested every profit in new products, machines and the company in order to continue to grow. In addition to the carbon bracelets in different colors and variations, watches, necklaces and other accessories were also added. Today there are over 120 specially designed products in our range.

And to this day we still manufacture the majority of our products ourselves in Sonsbeck. We have now moved to a new, larger office and employ ten people. In addition to jewelry and watches made of carbon, our focus is also on stainless steel jewelry and accessories. 

Today kohlenstoff 12 is one of the best-known jewelry and accessory brands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To this day, our standards for our products are as high as they were on day one.
Here you can find out more about our success story:
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